Hello and welcome to the skin care column of growingwomanblog. It features my skin care journey for the past one month (April-May 2018).I had battled with acne(pimples) and acne scars since my secondary school days.It was a norm to wake up in the morning,look in the mirror and find acne here or there on my face especially on my T-zones. I saw it as normal until I began to see the scars each breakout left behind. The solutions, procedures, treatment, products and maintenance that have helped my are what I will sharing with you. I do not have perfect skin yet I’m on my way and what I’d be sharing is my journey on the road to perfect skin.

DISCLAIMER: The products that work for me MAY NOT work for you. Please locate a product that your skin is comfortable with. 

Lets get started!


Do you know your skin type? It entails knowing your type of skin and what works for or against it. Knowing your skin type is important because it guides you to know what to buy and what not to buy as some products contain ingredients that are harmful or inactive for treatment or maintenance of the skin.Please read through the descriptions below to determine your facial skin type:

  1. NORMAL SKIN- This skin type feels normal and is neither too oily, too dry or sensitive. It feels smooth and you hardly need to touch up on your make up during the day.The skin hardly gets irritated by products,has no visible pores,gets little or no break outs and does not retain acne scars. The people with this skin type have the “baby face” many crave for.
  2. DRY SKIN- It is characterized by a dry,patchy and itchy feeling. This facial skin type has low moisture and oil content and needs to be moisturized in the morning and evening with a moisturizing lotion or oil.
  3. OILY SKIN- It produces excess oil all over especially in the T-zones. I have this skin type and my skin literally moisturizes itself before I apply a moisturizing lotion or oil. If you find yourself doing touch ups at lunch breaks then you may have oily skin. The oily skin is also extremely prone to acne due to the over production of oil by the oil glands of the skin,it also retains acne scars and possesses visible/large pores.                                                                                                                                                                                                              
  4. COMBINATION SKIN- You have combination skin if you experience the following on your face:)Your nose,forehead and chin feel oily(these areas are known as your T-zones) but dry everywhere else. You may not experience oiliness on your T-zones but other areas of your skin,so long as your skin has a dry feel in some places and oily feel in others you have combination facial skin type.  You may also be prone to acne in those areas where you experience an oily feel on your face.
  5. SENSITIVE SKIN-This skin type reacts to weather,environmental ,food and cosmetic product changes.A little change in lifestyle can do good or harm to this skin type. Intake of too much sugary foods or an unwashed pillow case can start acne break outs for this skin type.It feels itchy,patchy and sometimes stings when some type of products are applied to it. A person can

Can you tell what can of skin type you have from the descriptions above? What kind of products do you use for your skin type? Leave a comment lets gist!


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