I’d be real with you on this one! I love looking good and stylish but some times my pocket just doesn’t agree with my desires (gather around for a selfie if you have ever felt this way LOL).

I have on my style menu THE SHIFT DRESS – It is a dress that can 

be styled in many different ways as you are comfortable with or willing to try. It comes in many different shapes and colors also.

One of the many ways you can style your shift dress is jazzing it up with sneakers,stilettos and flat sandals like I did in the photos below. You could also use leggings if you aren’t too comfortable with the length of the shift dress.Another to way is to roll up the sleeves if its a long sleeves shift dress and put on a denim jacket.

     The Shift Dress styled with a flat sandals  The Shift Dress styled with a blue stilettos  The Shift Dress styled with sneakers

Thrifted Dress by @warehouseuk

Shoes x Sandals x Stilettos from my wardrobe

You don’t have to break the bank to look good, just look into your wardrobe and try out new ways to style your clothes.

You are loved!

2 thoughts on “STYLE: THE SHIFT DRESS

  1. You are absolutely right, you don’t have to break a bank to look good, some of the simple things in life are free.

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