You should Not Be Ashamed of Your Way To Success


I’m a growing woman.
I love looking good and smelling nice,
I dress stylish on a budget.
You see I’m working on the best way to earn a living legally.My side hustle is still young but would soon start paying.
Before then you may see me shopping with stores by the roadside, yes not all my clothes are from designers or stylists on Instagram or high-end stores except I’m supporting my bestie’s hustle or have enough to splurge a little. There’s nothing wrong with shopping from boutiques or designer stores on Instagram but there’s something wrong if you have to go out of your way to do this.

I buy and wear made in Aba sometimes.
Yeah,they’ve made it possible for me to have classy,stylish body con dresses for less.
Sometimes I even go to “bend a little” boutiques for classy,vintage wears
Don’t look down on me because of what I have on.
It’s not what the woman wears but the woman who wears them that matters.

Dear growing-woman,
Let no one intimidate you or make you feel inferior because of the price of what you have.
You may not be able to afford all you want now but,that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to afford them later.
Learn to love and make the best use of what you have now

You are growing and learning and very soon you’d be able to afford them.
Love,your sis who’s in the same growing business ✌

Do you feel need to shop from boutiques or online stores on Instagram to make you feel like somebody?

How do you deal with sticking with your budget,finding stylish outfits and looking good?

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