I’m craving roasted corn and coconuts as I type this (LOL),it’s rainy season and blooming season for fresh,farm grown crops like corn. The rainy season also brings strong windy rains that bring with it germs and bacteria which are not good for the skin.

Do you still use the same towel you use for your body for your face ? If yes,then you are exposing your facial skin to bacteria which may  lead to break-outs on your face. I’d explain better by painting a vivid picture: imagine you are done taking your bath and you use the same bath towel you use to dry other parts of your body for your face,what do you think will happen to your skin? Your face may come out with acne or rashes. Your facial skin is delicate and that’s why it reacts to any slight change in food,weather and hygiene. Many people notice that their face reacts rapidly to any slight change faster than other parts of their body and hence its advised to take very good care of it because I strongly believe your face can open or close doors for you.

To achieve a healthy facial skin,you must pay attention to the little details of your hygiene like how you dry your face after a bath for example. A face towel is a small item in your skin essentials that goes a long,long,long way. I noticed great improvement on my skin when I took the bold step of getting a small face towel for my face only.

Small face towel

PRICE:The face towel is very affordable and easily found in many Nigerian open markets.I got mine for #200 only but can be gotten for less or more according to your bargaining power and location.

DESCRIPTION:It has a thick feel in the hands but its not too thick that it can not absorb water when used on the face. It comes in sizes that are big enough to cover the whole face and also comes in many different colors to suit your preference.

HOW TO USE: Dab it gently over the face after you wash your face to get your it dry and ready for a good,good loving skin care routine.

CARE OF THE FACE TOWEL: The face towel should be washed often with mild soap and water. Also remember to air it after each use to avoid dampness and smell.

You can also use soft cotton balls or wool to clean up the face after bathing or washing the face. This is very hygienic and easy as the cotton wool is disposed every each use and leaves you with no task of washing it.

face towel and cotton wool

Is using a face towel for your face something you are willing to try? In what ways has using a separate towel for your face improved your facial skin? Feel free,let’s gist!

You are loved!



  1. Hey Sophie! Nice post!
    I’ve also heard that Paper Towels are good alternatives too

    1. Water is life and nature’s secret to a clear skin. Lol,get yourself corn and pear this evening to stop the crave.

  2. Noted, thanks for the info,
    I crave for fresh corn too, am salivating now at the thought of fresh corn and pear

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