Brooklyn Tourist centre in Port Harcourt My mom says I have waka waka legs LOL(waka waka is a Nigerian slang for one who doesn’t stay at a place and likes adventure and/or travel) so I’d be showing you all the places my waka waka legs has been to in the city of Port Harcourt! Are you ready for this ride? Make sure to click subscribe and leave comments down below of the places you would like me to review.

Today’s adventure is about Brooklyn Tourist Centre in Port Harcourt.

It is located along East-West Highway,Rumuosi,Port Harcourt. BTC is just along the road and easily accessible as it is directly beside Aim Plaza(the building that houses CoolWazobiaInfo stations).

Brooklyn Tourist Centre

I am fascinated about everything Brooklyn contains since I first visited there in 2017 and I knew I was going to return again to relive the experience. There is a tour guide to show you around but first, you have to pay the 500 Naira for your tickets.

One ticket admits one adult for a tour around the premises

The ticket lets you see the mini zoo and museum.

In the zoo,you can see animals like a chimpanzee,a Chadian tortoise,a hyena,a parrot,hawks,Bonny river Crocodile,doves,ducks,crowned crane,Nigerian monkey,Cameroonian Baboon,Nigerian Forest Iguana(Monitor lizard) and rabbits.

I went with a friend and had to let him see the animals first before I would walk up to them,I was so scared I was going to see a snake(fun fact:I’m super scared of snakes) LOL. There is also a catfish pond for point and kill pepper soup delicacy.

Catfish pond for point and kill pepper soup
A Chadian Tortoise

No one is allowed to take photos in the museum and that’s why I don’t have any photo uploaded here.

There is also a garden,tourist restaurant,bar and hotel accommodation.

Frontview of Brooklyn tourist centre

PERFECT FOR: School excursions,hangouts,adventure,getaways or retreats. This place is perfect for anyone who is looking to visit somewhere unique.

RATING: 8/10

WILL I REVISIT? I absolutely will for the sake of the museum though! I looove history!

What do you think about Brooklyn Tourist Centre? Is this a place you would like to visit?  I’d love to hear from you,please leave a comment below.

You are loved!❤️


  1. Thank God , I was able to get the address here. The first n d last time I visited was 2016. I came with my pupils when I was working @ KHMS Mgbuoba,PH.. Now that I own a school I would love to visit with my pupils. Pls how much is it? I need d customer care contact number. Mine is 08167234333. Thanks.

    1. Hello Mary,thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog.

      I do not have the contact of their tourist centre but I’m sure you can stop by the place & make all the enquiries you need. The fee was 500 Naira at the time this post was made.

      You can even use the opportunity to negotiate discounts with the management

  2. Never knew BTC contained that much, looking at it from afar it doesn’t really appeal to you as a tourist centre anyway i guess i may be wrong.

    1. True,it has so much locked inside but is often overlooked by passers-by. You should go check it out soon

  3. This is cool, it’s nice you’re exploring places, making revuew thereby making easier for visitors.
    I’m not into history so I’ll like you to do a review on fun places similar to Lekki conservation centre.


    1. Thank you dear! I will look out for similar natural parks like that in Port Harcourt and do a review on the ones I can find

  4. My first visit to that place was an experience. The quiet atmosphere gives room for lots of thinking and planning.

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