Proof That Cabby Nigeria is Exactly The Taxi Company You Need

cabby nigeria
A Cabby Ride

A lot has gone out in the media about different taxi companies and I mentally wiped out the possibility of the need to use them. However I changed my mind after a first time ride with Cabby Nigeria. I got a discount from Cabby Nigeria at the Ladies Night organised by The 22zero Spot in Port Harcourt,and my friends and I decided to give it a try back home that night. A friend of mine needed to use the rest room and the Cabby driver looked for a restaurant for her so she could relieve herself! This is strange to me because I’ve never had a commercial driver do this for me,I’m used to behaving myself and keeping my requests to myself to avoid unnecessary insults from commercial cab drivers LOL. Fast forward to 29th June when I had a breakfast meeting to attend,I simply booked Cabby ride because I didn’t have strength for drama from Port Harcourt commercial drivers that morning LOL.

Cabby Nigeria is a taxi service company operating in few cities in Nigeria including Port Harcourt. It has a mobile application available on Google play store and App Store(iOS). The app is available to smartphone users to request for rides to any destination of their choice.You have a place to go and you don’t want to jump buses or taxis? Request for a ride with Cabby.

The Mazda 323F ride I got from Cabby Nigeria

At about  few mins past 6am on the 29th of June,I opened my Cabby Nigeria app and requested for a 7:30am ride from Alakahia where I stay to Fro Nation at No 45 Evo Road GRA Phase 2. 15 minutes later,I got a call from a driver telling me asking me what time I would love to picked up and I told him. While I was dressing up and trying to sculpt perfect eyebrows,I got a call from him again asking for 10 mins extra because he was held up by traffic at Rumuokoro,I agreed and he called me about 10 mins later to tell me that he had arrived Alakahia and was waiting at the junction. We took off at about 7:45am and arrived Fro Nation at 8:37am. I was in the cab with a friend and she was really impressed just like I was about the excellent service we received. Even when the driver wanted to take another route,he sought for opinions/approval before he did. Cabby isn’t’ a scam or a way to exhort money from people but a guaranteed way to get you safe and early to your destination.

Interiors of a Cabby Ride
Inside a cabby ride


  • Fully air-conditioned
  • Neat
  • Nice smell-It didn’t smell like one of those air fresheners that make some people dizzy and sick


  • Friendly
  • Conversational
  • Good diction
  • Respectful
  • Honest
  • Timely

PRICING: It is determined by kilometer(N90/Km and N5 per minute for waiting time) but the lowest fare is 300 naira.

 RATING: 10/10



Website : www.cabby.ng

Instagram: @cabbynigeria

Facebook Messenger: Cabby Nigeria

Twitter: @Cabbynigeria

Call/Whatsapp: 08082162828

Have you used a Cabby Ride before? What was your experience like?  What is your take on the services of taxi companies?

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