Port Harcourt is a growing city and contrary to the negative pictures the media paints daily,there are  lots of positives going on. One of it is the self-improvement meetings,seminars and conferences that spring up every now and then. I’m a sucker for self-improvement and can go to any length to harness and improve myself daily,including paying money to get better in the areas I need to grow and so far I’ve been the best version of myself because of these seminars. Girl,to grow into great women we’ve got to pay the price in terms of sacrificing our money,time and strength to ensure we get this done. This is one sure way to grow beyond your limitations.  For an online registration,1000 naira registration fee and a trip down to Creative Skills Hub Evo,Road GRA, I got a boost and further push up the success ladder.

The meeting was tagged: Sorry But Not Sorry- Refuse To Accept Your Own Excuses!  and the speaker was Joyce Daniels,Founder Talkademy and a quintessential master of ceremonies.

We began right on time at 8:50am with an opening address by the organizer- Ibinabo Amakiri and kicked off immediately to the business of the day.

It was my first time inside Creative Skills Hub and I must tell you the place is aesthetically pleasing which means you can take really good photos in there,it is also cozy and serves as a co-work space for creatives hence the name- Creative Skills Hub.

Creative skills hub


We began by seeking answers to why people and women in particular give excuses and some of the answers we found were and are not limited to: Fear,laziness,lack of confidence and lack of resources. According to the order of strength we dealt extensively with fear and laziness.

Joyce Daniels in Port Harcourt
Joyce Daniels giving tips on how to stop giving excuses

Some people are afraid because of past experiences which builds,increases or breeds fear or courage. Some are lazy not just physically but mentally as well.

I learnt a lot and wrote about 4 pages full but I’m going to summarize and put them into 25 actionable tips that you can apply.

To overcome fear:

  1. Draw strength from what has worked previously for you or from success you have attained in the past e.g success in primary school,your skin color,your eyes etc.
  2. Read books- What you feed your mind with matters a lot. What is feeding your mind right now that can support you?
  3. Don’t be  knowledge junkie- Use the information you gather.
  4. Let everything you think,say or do be positive

To overcome laziness:

  1. Learn how to do smart work not just hardwork
  2. Learn to think-Fill your mind so that it will not be too lazy to think
  3. Take yourself serious-Ask the 5 Ws and H question the journalists use(who,why,what,where,when and how)


  ♥ Have a mantra you live by for every aspect of your life- Resolve and have your mantra for life,money,goals,health,skincare etc.

♥ Think possibility

♥ Set realistic,smart goals with  time attached to each- While setting these goals,understand what happens in your environment.

♥ Take it easy on yourself- Know when to cut yourself a slack and celebrate yourself

After the first session,we had the yummiest breakfast I’ve had in a long while

Breakfast in Port Harcourt

Ankara in Port Harcourt

Next we had the interactive session where we were allowed to ask questions and clear out issues bothering us.

women in Port Harcourt

This is the best use of a 1000 naira note in long while LOL! To think that I was not going to attend because I didn’t know what to wear? I found something though,my tailor did a great job on this one! Did I mention that I arrived early? Yaaay! I’m growing and learning! I’d share soon about how I was able to overcome lateness with the tips I got from my friends on Instagram(if you are not following me on IG,you can here)

Ankara in Port Harcourt
My white tee,orange Ankara dungarees,fave pom pom high heels and my black tote bag. Hit or miss?

How do you overcome excuses? What’s the best use of your 1000 naira note this year?

Thanks for reading! You are loved! ❤



  1. I think I should start attending more self development based events…or should I wait for you to attend and then post the learnings,so I too can learn.. Lol funny. But thanks tho for the tips. I appreciate

    1. 😊 The best thing/person you can invest in is yourself so it’s a big yes to attending self development events! Subscribe to my mails to get the latest news on events,people and places in Port Harcourt. Thank you so much for reading ❤

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