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Young people adorned with enthusiasm and passion highlighted bit by bit from the campus shuttles, some would later stroll down after Friday classes to catch a glimpse of what TEDx is all about. Briskly, they walk to the gate and flash their tickets to be allowed entry into the venue. They are greeted by a serene environment,beautiful flora,aesthetic tyrenitures(furniture made from recycled tires) and young ushers directing them to the registration stands. The maiden edition of TEDx in any university in the Niger Delta was set to begin.

This was my first TEDx event and I was overjoyed that it came to my campus in my time. I already purchased my ticket earlier that week and could not wait for the event to unfold before my very eyes. I had a 7AM class that day but was happy when the class ended about an hour and 30 minutes later. Off, I went to the park and took a shuttle to the venue. One of the things that caught my interest was the theme: Beyond The Walls.

TED is a global foundation devoted to ”ideas worth spreading.” It started out in 1984 as a conference bringing people together from three worlds: Technology,Entertainment and Design. The ‘x’ symbolizes an independently organised TED event.

TEDx is a program by TED that gives communities around the world an opportunity to create their own TED-like experiences. At TEDx events, local speakers deliver talks and people spark in deep conversations. TED has held over 148 events held all over Nigeria including cities like Port Harcourt, Benin, Warri, Lagos, Abuja, Owerri, Lokoja.

Due to unforeseen circumstances,the event was delayed and kicked off officially at 10:30AM with a soulful rendition from Beauty Eru. We were wowed by the stage mastery of Host Mayowa and Host Nene.

Overview of speakers and topics for the day:

  1. Onimim E. Karibo gave us a brief talk about her journey in the food industry and a topic she tagged: May Hunger not Kill Us.
  2. Godsgift Unwana on tackling Depression and Addictions
  3. Wonne Afronelly on The Environment and the Verdant’s Role
  4. Asawo Ibifuro on why Nigerian youths need to start Using Technology to Break The Walls
  5. Ekwerike Chukwuma on  Celebrating your differences
  6. Peter Juan Triumphant on Breaking The Walls in Our Mentality

By sharing ideas in their niche with us, these speakers have been able to solve humanity’s problems like technology, hunger, depression, suicides, addictions, the environment, mastering your uniqueness and understanding the need to break walls in mental faculties.


Kindly drop a comment on your niche and how can you solve humanity’s most pressing needs in the above sectors?

You are Loved.



  1. In support of Godsgift Uwana,,tackling depression and addiction,My niche is to help the society by approaching those who have being addicted by strong drugs,sex,or who have being depressed and furstrated due to poverty,by talking to them,making them my friends,through this they reveal their weakness,and through their weaknesses i can pray and support them finacially by the grace of God,in dealing with addiction,they need to be determined themselves to stop,and when they are determined,my prayers will go a long a way for them.

    1. Wow! This is a great initiative, Weldone! More people are getting depressed by the day and they sure need supportive people like you by their side. ❤

    Well my niche is basically painting, got others tho, but beautifying a building that was plain, and might I say not catching, thereby adding beauties to the environment is cool to me.
    That’s my niche, but I think everybody’s niche Should be more of a psychologist,so that we could help either a friend, family or even a stranger fight, depression, low confidence, addiction, etc It might seem insignificant but it isn’t trust me .Thanks

    1. Weldone on contributing your gift to the society. Through what I learnt from Mr Godsgift I’m paying more attention,love and care to those around me. Thanks for stopping by George! 😊

    1. Hi Ada! Thank you so much for reading and thank you for reviewing products so consumers know what they are getting. You’ve solved a lot of problems by venturing into that niche. You are loved ❤

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