how to survive long layovers

Long layovers are the not so good things about cheap flights. One can find cheap flights to New York but be stuck in another airport for one hour or more. A lot of passengers seem to neglect this side of the bargain. How can I survive long layovers if I want a cheap flight to my destination? What do I while waiting for a connecting flight to my destination?

Contrary to what a lot of travelers think, a layover is different from a stopover. A stopover is a short break during travel while a layover is a relatively longer pause in travel. A stopover can last for as short as 30 minutes while layover can last as long as 12-24 hours.

Just like the love-hate we have for shopping; you can’t hate shopping because you need new clothes but you can’t love it either because it takes money away from your pockets. There are so many things to love and hate about layovers.


1) You may have enough time to tour the city where your airline is taking a short break-You could tour the city briefly and do some sightseeing.

2) Duty free shopping is available in some airports- We love shopping whether its for our loved ones or for ourselves, what better way to spend 3-4 hours than strutting through the shelves of our fave stores?

3) You can have some fun in some airport lounges-These usually come with a fee but it’s worth it for long time you’d spend waiting to re-board.



1) Some airports have no sockets to get your gadgets charged

2) It’s pretty stressful keeping an eye on your luggage especially when you have small children with you

3) Food and drinks are expensive in airports

4) Wi-Fi may not be free so you may have limited or restricted access to the internet

5) You may get bored from looking at your watch all the time while waiting for further announcements from the airline



Millions of people travel to ‘The Big Apple’ yearly, some for relaxation and others for business purposes. A cheap flight from Lagos to New York takes about 9 hours 30 minutes if the flight is non-stop, and as long as 16 hours 3mins when a layover is included. So, passengers definitely need interesting things to help them survive long layovers. These tips are sure to keep your eyes off the clock before the next boarding time is announced:

1) Do some online shopping- There are so many places to shop these days without leaving your comfort zone. Look through your fun and take some screenshots as these would come in handy during your stay.

2) Take a short online course- We live in a generation where knowledge is available with the click of a button, many free courses are available online and all you need is time,data and focus.

3) Read a book

4) Read a news blogs to get informed about the happenings in your destination.

5) Sleep- A lot of passengers especially the first timers feel jet lagged after a long flight but getting good sleep and rest helps them relax.

6) Watch movies- You can caught up with  your favorite TV and movie series right on your phone through YouTube or Netflix

7) Call your loved ones- Staying away from your family and friends for hours and subsequently weeks may get you homesick but connecting with them daily would help you through it. You could take advantage of the long layovers and connect with your loved ones.

What are some fun things you love about travelling? I especially love the food and meeting new people.

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  1. 😂😂 this is making me laugh so much cos I almost missed my flight last month in a layover because I failed to locate my gate on time… finally they had to call my gate to delay my flight because of me… so one thing to do in a layover is tour the airport and find your gate especially if the airport is a very big one

    1. Wow! thank God for airlines that consider passengers. I’ll keep this in mind when I’m travelling so I won’t go and do unnecessary waka waka and miss my flight lol

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