a wise woman builds her house

Hey blogger fam, you won’t believe the most amazing things that have happened to me in the past week. I’ve experienced some wonderful changes in my life and the results have unveiled so many things I didn’t know about myself. What about you? How has life been treating you? Today,I’d be talking about a topic that I’ve avoided for a very long time-MONEY. Yes,money.

Money is the commodity every human on planet earth can’t do without.  We need and use money everyday. What exactly is the mindset I need to create personal wealth? How can I create multiple streams of income?  If money is a defense,how can I make money work for me without becoming its slave? All these and more I’ve asked myself so many times because: Money is important. 

                  “Money is important.”

We all have pictures of the kind of life we desire to live,maybe not now but sometime in the future. Holidays in Maldives,Bali or Santorini. Shopping for cute bags from our favorite designer stores. Double drawn weaves with 360 frontals,make-up always looking peng or on point,the list is endless. Have you really asked yourself how you can arrive your desired life? I know you are working hard but what do you do when your paycheck or credit alert comes? Do you immediately start spending your cash on the latest wig,shoes,hand bags or dresses? It’s not wrong to look good but it’s wrong to look good at the expense of a secure future.

Building a mindset of wealth is a decision every woman needs to take one day,that day for me was October 19th 2018 when the CEO of First Bank Plc : Ibukun Awosika visited Port Harcourt for a meeting tagged: “The Mindset of Wealth.” The meeting which was brought to Port Harcourt city by First Gem( An arm of First Bank Nigeria) and NLNG was aimed at preparing women to be financial help meets.

 A wise human builds her house,only a foolish woman eats her fruit and swallows its seeds without setting aside some seeds for re-planting. I like to think that I still have time and since I’ve got time,I’d like to start early and start building my empire. See, money is like sand and assets are like building blocks,you can not keep throwing away sand when you’d need the sand to add to your blocks and build your house(stable financial future).


1.Have a purpose for the wealth you intend to create- It is quite impossible for you to work towards wealth when you do not have a reason why you are working towards it. So,today I challenge you to pen down the reasons why you want to be wealthy and stick it up somewhere you can see it. You can also make a photo collage of your goals and set it as your phone/laptop wallpaper. The more you see it,the more you’d want to take steps concerning it and before you know it you’d be able to achieve your goals of personal wealth. My reason for creating personal wealth is because I want to live a comfortable life,a life where when I’m married I could be an all-round help meet to my husband and a good role model to my kids. I want to raise up children who can make money work for them.

2.Ask yourself questions- You can call this the self evaluation point. This means that you need to ask yourself questions that would lead you to the channels from which wealth is generated. Ibukun Awosika said at the event: “There’s no anointing for making money,it’s all about discovering what works and what doesn’t.” Questions that hover around who you are,what you like or dislike,things you are passionate about,things that irritate you,problems you are drawn to solving,how you can retain and invest the money you have,what your attitude to money is like,the kind of woman you want to become are all part of the self-evaluation questions. My mom often says,“God puts a gift in your hands so you can eat with it.” It’s a proverb which means God places some gifts in your hands that can make wealth for you but you need to look inwards and ask yourself questions to discover these gifts.

3. Become a financial literate – “Financial literacy is the ability to make informed judgments and take effective decisions regarding the use and management of money.” Girl,you need to take control of your money. Money should not control you,you should take charge of money and to do this you need to understand money. Money can become a tangible asset that you build. Get informed about money and how it works,know what quickly takes away money and what can quickly add it to your account. For example,a woman who drinks 200 Naira worth of fizzy drinks daily would have spent 73,000 Naira in a year. 

You also need to be disciplined about your spending cause it is the only way to become financial literate and build personal wealth.

“Delayed gratification is a rule that attracts wealth”

When you get your paycheck isn’t the time you need to begin spending or scrolling through all the online stores to check out the latest stock. Not all material things are assets. I practice the 30/70 rule which is very helpful:10% tithes, 20%  investments and 70% expenditure.

4. Save to invest-  When opportunities come, only people who have gathered for a while can take it. Don’t save to spend,save to invest when the opportunity comes. There’s no excuse not to save as a woman,have savings because you’d need it for vex money lol. 

harvest image

What you should know about Investments

  • You can invest in insurance,real estate (like land,buildings,shops etc).
  •  Though it’s good to invest in real estate,don’t invest in what you don’t know,understand or can’t monitor. For example,I don’t understand shares/the stock market,crypto currency or forex so I won’t put my money in those.
  • Learn to start investing small right where you are. If you can’t invest in lands now,invest in places where shops are sold or do a partnership with trusted friends.
  • When you buy a property,don’t sell it except you have a place to re-invest as money not reinvested on time might lead to loss or misuse.
  • Know and understand your developer that is those who you intend to do building projects with.

With all these steps listed above, I think we are ready to make money and build personal wealth. Attendees at the event got a commitment card where we were asked to pen down our financial/wealth commitments with dates attached.

I created 2 free printables that you can simply download,edit on your Instagram story and take a screenshot. You can also get it printed,fill it and stick it up where you can see it everyday.👇👇

Commitment printable 1

commitment printable
Commitment printable 2

What’s your plan about building personal wealth? What’s your favorite book about money?

Kindly leave a comment let’s talk.

You are loved ❤




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