Cold Stone creamery in Port Harcourt
Cold Stone Creamery in Port Harcourt

Fam! I can’t contain my joyyyyy! The most talked about ice cream brand in Nigeria is now in Port Harcourt city!!! Yes,you guessed right! COLD STONE CREAMERY is now in Port Harcourt!

Cold Stone Creamery is an American owned ice cream brand. They deal in providing delicious treats like creamy ice cream,cupcakes,ice cream cakes and many more. In Nigeria,the Cold Stone brand does not stand alone as it houses two other amazing brands : Domino’s Pizza and Pinkberry Yoghurt. So you get all the yummy and delicious goodness that you deserve in any style your taste buds want it, in one spot.

Social media reviews have rated Cold Stone Ice Cream and Domino’s Pizza as the best snack combo ever! You need to see the tempting pictures and captivating responses on the brand’s Instagram handles! With over 10 exciting variants,pictures of this ice cream is sure to have your mouth watering just by looking at pictures of it.

I got invited alongside several other amazing people to the grand opening of Cold Stone Creamery in Port Harcourt on Wednesday,November 7th 2018. It is located at Olusegun Obasanjo Way,Port Harcourt and it is the latest ice cream spot in the city. We’ve been waiting for the brand to come to our city and now that they are here,we turned up en masse to give her a warm welcome. Cold Stone Creamery didn’t disappoint as guests were treated to delicious ice cream,pizza, yoghurt,cocktails,music and celebrity performances from Mr 2kay and Legendary Suni.

Legendary Suni at Cold Stone creamery in Port Harcourt
Legendary Suni

The servers were super polite,friendly and entertaining to watch. You needed to see them smiling and posing for the camera while answering the billions of questions the guests asked them. Their dance moves and stunts can melt a frozen heart or put a smile on your face especially on those stressful days when you really need to unwind.


  • Ice cream – I had the extra rich ice cream first of cause! Lol!  I could not wait to find out if it was really worth the hype. I really don’t know the name of the flavor I had but I know it left a sweet,creamy and citrus- like taste in my mouth. I loved how rich and yummy it felt in my mouth and I may do a review of my fave flavor soon
Cold Stone creamery ice cream in Port Harcourt
Cold Stone ice cream in Port Harcourt
  • Pizza– I’m not really a fan of pizza and this isn’t because I’m watching my weight or because of the price. I’m a picky eater who is quite allergic to things like visible bits of onions in food or snacks. I don’t have negative reactions to it but I’ve never liked seeing onions in my food. I had the Chicken Suya Pizza and it felt delicious,hot and moist in my mouth. It sinks into your teeth and bursts open with a feel of chicken in your mouth. It’s not my first time eating pizza and I may order a pack specially made for me without visible bits of onions,pepper or tomatoes.
Domino's pizza in Port Harcourt
A slice of Chicken Suya Pizza
  •  Pinkberry Yoghurt– This treat tastes like frozen yoghurt with a slight sweet-sour taste. I had the cookies and cream flavor sprinkled with chocolate wafers and gummy bears. This is perfect for anyone trying to lose weight or people with high blood sugar levels.
pinkberry yoghurt in Port Harcourt
Pinkberry Yoghurt
  • Chicken wings– I totally loved how warm and crusty this felt in my mouth. I can still feel how delicious it was even as I type this post lol! This is definitely the first thing I would order next time I go there,after the ice cream of course 😉. 
Domino's chicken wings in Port Harcourt
Domino’s Chicken Wings
  • Yam chops– This is just fried yam that studied abroad lol. It is slightly spicy and crispy to perfection. It comes in a small,cute packaging which I love because it’s portable and I’m attracted to the simple things of life.
Domino's yam chops in Port Harcourt
Domino’s yam chops

The decorations and seat arrangements may have been slightly altered because of the grand opening party so that aspect can’t be reviewed at the moment.

I loved every bit of the time I spent at the grand opening of Cold Stone Creamery and I can’t wait to go there soon(after the rush of course).

Have you had ice cream or pizza from Cold Stone or Domino’s before? Are the best or nah?

Leave a comment below as I may just be picking one random commenter for a date at Cold Stone Creamery soon!



  1. Okay so I’m glad these brands came around, but please port Harcourt people should still remember that sweettooth has been there for us 😂😂😂

    Let’s not neglect it.

    Thanks for the review Sophie.

    I’m scared of visiting, for fear of being addicted and loosing my loyalty to them 😂😂😂.

  2. I hadn’t been around Olu Obasanjo for a while , I passed there on Monday and when I saw the place I screamed in excitement. Lol

    I still haven’t been though.. .Chilling some for the initial rush to die down. Would stop by sometime next week

    1. I saw the building on Port Harcourt in pictures’ IG page and you needed to see the comments!😂 Yes dear no need to hurry,they are here to stay

  3. They are definitely the best.. The only reason I wanted to relocate to Lagos is because of cold stone*silly me*oh well, I’m glad they’re in my city now, can’t wait to go there *after the rush of course.. Thanks for this piece, I’ll definitely try their chicken wings and chicken suya pizza

    1. Girl! Me too at some point just to have a taste of their ice cream. I’d leave my house super early so I’d be among their first customers for the day

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