where to buy bra in Port Harcourt

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Your outfit is not complete if the foundation is shaky. The foundation of every good outfit is appropriate and perfect fitting undergarments,these are the unseen but powerful aspect of every outfit. Wearing the wrong bra or panties can totally ruin a perfect outfit and that’s why today I will be writing about a place where you can find bras and not just that but a place where you can get answers to all the questions on your mind about bra fittings.

Here are quick bra fitting tips before I go on:

  • Your breasts should not jiggle when you walk,jump or run.
  • You should not have to move your shoulders around to keep your bra in place.
  • You should not have sore marks on your sides or back when you take off your bras.
  • Your shoulders should not be blackened where you place your bra straps.
  • You should not feel choked or gasp for air when you wear your bra.

I discovered LINGERIE PLUS few months ago when I attended an event about how good bras can affect your sports life.

bra in Port Harcourt
Lingerie Plus

The bra store is owned by Bukola Adedeji also known as The Bra Girl. She is a dressmaker who noticed a gap in the fashion industry,saw the need to fill the gap and solve the age long feminine problem of getting the right bras. 

bra talk in Port Harcourt
Bukola Adedeji

She is passionate about helping women live confident lives by wearing the right undergarments,with particular emphasis on brassieres. Her search for the perfect bras and conversations with other women led her into opening her flagship store in Port Harcourt.

At the store,women can find all bra sizes from size A to size K. You can have bra fittings done for you at the bra girl place to help you know the right bra size you should wear. They have varieties of undergarment products from bridal train undergarments supplies to teen bras to shape and lounge wears,briefs and thongs.

Bra in Port Harcourt
Undergarments at Lingerie Plus

Lingerie Plus is also home to The Bra Girl Talk, a monthly talk show that educates women about bras. Past editions have included topics like getting the right bra for sports with Tawa Owhonda, getting the right bra for slim ladies and getting the right bra for big cup ladies. The Bra Girl continues to increase awareness about breast care and support.

The store has a range of other products like The Body Shop products, Scentify scented candles,diffusers, intimate pouches,Tasho Jeweleries,Oopsy Beauty face and body wash.

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Visit the Lingerie plus at The Vineyard Mall 2nd Floor 88 Woji Road,GRA,Port Harcourt.

Telephone: 08107250746



Instagram: @thebragirl

What’s your go to place to shop for bras? What is the highest amount you can spend on bras? Mine is 3,000 Naira.

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