If you have asked yourself many times why your skincare products aren’t working for you,this post is dedicated to you babe!  May the rest of 2018 be known as the golden days when we achieve our skincare goals with great results to show for all the money we’ve been spending on it.

Every girl wants glowing skin and sometimes even when we get the products recommended by our fave beauty and lifestyle bloggers,they do not turn out the way we envisioned. This is not the fault of the products but may indeed be as a result of some little things we have ignored. I put together a list of reasons why your skincare products aren’t working for you.

Helping my mom out in her body care & gift store has taught me a lot. A lot of people come in to buy products everyday and from time to time,we get into chats with them. Some say the products they use aren’t working for them,some don’t use these products for up to a week before stopping by to complain to us. I’ve learnt so much from my part time job as my mom’s sales rep and intern and with this I’ve put together experiences,tips and observations to help us on our journey to glowing skin!


1.  YOU DON’T BATHE TWICE A DAY  Good hygiene is important not just for glowing skin but for overall health. It is important to wash dust and sweat off your body before you begin to use your skincare products. Washing your body and face with water at least twice a day makes your body fresh,clean and ready to receive your skincare products.

2.  YOU ARE NOT PATIENT – Babe,it’s not every product you see on the gram that you should buy! Give the ones in your trolley and bathroom a chance before you label them “not working” or toss them in the trash can. Research says it takes about 1 to 3 months of consistent usage of skincare products to see noticeable results. We need a long dose of patience when using skincare products especially when it comes to organic and home made(DIYs). Patience is a virtue and you will need a lot of it before you conclude your skincare products aren’t working for you.

3. YOU ARE NOT CONSISTENT – For your skin care products to work for you,you have to add consistency to patience to see results. Use the products as stated on the packages and as prescribed by the producers. Most producers recommend using skincare products twice daily for you to see results. Make sure you follow the instructions thoroughly.

4. YOU DON’T EXFOLIATE – Exfoliating is the removal of dead skin cells on the outer layer of the skin. This can be done in two ways:

  • Through physical treatments like exfoliating scrubs,sugar scrubs,salt scrubs,rotating facial brushes,baking soda etc
  • Through chemical peeling agents like Alpha hydroxy acids,TCA peels,retinoid peels etc

Exfoliating scrub

Using any of the above listed methods takes off dead skin cells that make it easy for results of skincare products to be visible as it opens up the skin to receive tender,loving care from the skincare products. This is a very important step you need to do for your skincare products to work. You can tap here to see the exfoliating scrub I use and highly recommend.

5. YOU GO TO BED WITH MAKE UP ON YOUR FACE – Girl,this is a no-no! Do NOT go to bed with make up on your face no matter how little or minimal. This is another important reason why it looks like your skincare products aren’t working. It’s time to drop the habit of sleeping with make up on your face. Make it a habit of wiping your make up off and washing your face immediately you get home no matter how tired you may be.

6. YOUR PILLOWCASE IS DIRTY – This step is often overlooked by a lot of us. Remember,your hair also rests on your pillowcase and sometimes we put in greasy hair products that leave oil marks on the pillowcase.

When the face comes in contact with these hair products,it reacts leading to acne and black heads that make us think our skincare products are ineffective. My advice is: change the pillowcase frequently(every 2-3 days) and cover your hair with a silk bonnet or scarf.

7) YOU DON’T EAT WELL – Glowing skin has everything to do with a healthy diet. Pumping your body with caffeine,artificial flavourings and sugar is not so good for your skin. Eating fresh food,vegetables and lots of water helps your skin glow and your skincare products work.

8) WORRY AND STRESS – Stress and worry causes the skin to look dull and break out severely.

My final year in the university was not really so interesting because of the severe acne I had. I had assignments to submit,term papers,my final year project and my responsibilities as a campus fellowship vice coordinator. It sure did tell on my health, weight and skin! No matter the skincare products I used on my face,I still had dull looking skin and acne. I had to find balance in my busy schedule to rest and that made a big difference to my well being and skin. Find time to rest dear,your skin will thank you.

9) HORMONAL IMBALANCE – We all know what  happens at that time of the month. You find yourself craving chocolate, having mood swings where you are just angry or sad for no reason,waist pains,breast tenderness,abdominal pains,depression,lack of appetite,back pains,painful periods and of cause acne.

If it’s that time of the month,don’t be afraid your products aren’t working. It may just be skin issues caused by your periods.

10) LACK OF SLEEP – Sleep is important. That is the time your skincare products do the work of rejuvenation. Some products react greatly to sun exposure,that’s why we are advised to wear sunscreen with products like vitamin c serums and acid peels. To avoid sun burns and hyper pigmentation, use sunscreen with products that contain high chemical components. In the absence of this,please use only at night and get a lot of sleep.

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11) LACK OF EXERCISES – Exercise does a lot to the body asides from giving us the body of our dreams. It helps to relax the body and eliminate stress which cause skin problems like acne. The more you exercise,the more your skin glows because the blood circulation in the body is increased which sends a lot of oxygen to your skin cells and carries away waste.

exercise to help your skincare products
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12) VITAMINS – You need a lot of supplements and vitamins to keep the body in top shape. I discovered some vitamins like Vit E and Vit C which I have proven to do great good to the body both externally and internally.

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What step have you been ignoring lately in your skincare routine? I have been neglecting the sleep part lately because of work but I’m catching up.

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You are loved! ❤


  1. You have said it all…… There is nothing remaining again…. Later they will say the rich glows more Dan us… But y won’t they apart from the money they have Dey take good care of theirselves … Yes u need money to do that but I believe before u start doing something u must have made up ur mind completely n be ready for any cost…… Not today u will buy a beauty product and tomorrow u will buy Vaseline bcoz u are screaming no money…. If u don’t have money to border going after it… Stay at the level ur hand can reach please….. I have learnt a lot from what I read above…. It’s really inspiring.

    1. Lol,glowing and beautiful skin requires money. You’ve got to spend money and time on your face to get results. There are DIYs available for people who can’t affordable expensive beauty products. You can make scrubs and toners with ingredients in your kitchen. Thanks for reading Sotee 😊

    1. We must have glowing skin in 2019! I also have a lot of things to implement this year. Thanks for stopping by the blog ❤❤

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