Hey GW Tribe! I’ve been trying out different body sprays and with my experience,I’ve put together a list of 5 best affordable women’s body sprays  that are perfect for Christmas gifts. Another great news is they are all within 1,000 Naira or less which means they are affordable. They can also be found in supermarkets and beauty stores all over Nigeria.

It’s Christmas season and you know what it means in Nigeria right? Food,events,family reunions,gifts and of course- Christmas Clothes lol! I’m grown up but the child in me is seriously craving some Christmas clothes and goodies guys. I’m not too old for it now,am I?  Yes,I’m not too old lol!

Christmas season comes with exchange of gifts and appreciating your family and friends who have been with you through the ups and downs of the year.  I love body sprays and find it easier to gift people with the fragrances I’ve tried out,love and fit my budget. Are you looking for perfect Christmas gifts for your loved ones this season? With this list of best affordable women’s body sprays,you can gift you loved ones these fragrances without spending too much.

Want to know the best affordable women’s body sprays? Read on:


New Musk for women is produced by Prince Matchabelli. This body spray is floral,musky and very feminine. It is very soothing and calming. It is not heavy but very light and sensual. New Musk comes in a lilac container and can last for about 3-4 hours depending on the quantity of the body spray you apply. It is handy and can comfortably fit into your bag in case you need to touch up later in the day. It costs about 750 Naira depending on your location and the store you purchase it from. New Musk also has a perfume but I haven’t tried that out.

new musk for women review
New Musk for women

Will I repurchase?

Yes,I’d love to because I really enjoyed using this body spray.

RATING: 9/10


Elation by HaveX Collections is quite new in the Nigerian perfume market and is exclusively distributed by JSP Perfumes & Cosmetics Ltd. I love how girly the container looks like. You can spray a little bit of this body spray to keep you smelling fresh all day long. A brief sniff of this body spray gently creeps into your senses and wraps around you. It’s a bit stronger than New Musk and I strongly recommend it for ladies who want heavy but floral body sprays. Elation costs 700 to 800 Naira in Port Harcourt but may be more or less expensive depending on your location.

Elation by Havex
Elation by Havex Body Spray

Will I repurchase? 

Yes,I will.




I discovered Armaf Italiano Donna body spray earlier this year through my sister and I fell in love with the first sniff! This body spray is a floral,woody,musky fragrance for women. It is mature and commands attention to the wearer. It has a strong scent,this means that body spray can last for more than 5 hours if it is heavily applied. Other ingredients include:lily,jasmine,sandalwood, vanilla,etc. Italiano Donna also has a perfume but I haven’t tried that out but I’m sure it’s a super perfume like the body spray.

Italian Donna by Armaf review
Italiano Donna by Armaf

Will I repurchase?

 Over and over again I will! Buy this body spray and thank me later.

RATING: 10/10



Lamusê Twilight Pour Femme has a sweet,fruity and floral scent. It reminds me of Body Fantasies Body Splash range. This body spray is a very feminine,bubbly and pleasant body spray which is perfect for ladies who are very girly. It lasts for hours when used on the body. It retails for 750 Naira depending on your location.

Lamuse Twilight body spray for women review
Lamusê Twilight for women

Will I repurchase?

Yes, I will.

RATING: 8/10


 This fragrance is an alternative product of Smart Collection and is not connected to the trademark of Givenchy. This simply means that Smart Collection  created their own version of Givenchy. What I love about the Smart Collection body sprays is the diversity and many options it gives you. No matter how picky or choosy you are with body sprays and perfumes,you can always find a Smart Collection body spray that suits you.

This body spray smells fresh,clean and mature. It reminds me of the fresh breeze scents. Smart Collection Givenchy body spray last for about 3-5 hours depending on how you use it. You could put it in your bag for a quick touch up during the day. It retails for 650 to 700 Naira depending on your location.

Smart Collection Givenchy body spray for women
Smart Collection Givenchy body spray for women

Will I  repurchase?

 I just discovered this body spray and I’m still observing it.

RATING: 7/10

These are my top 5 best affordable women’s body sprays. I will look around for other body sprays I might love and do another review about them. What’s your favorite body spray at the moment?

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You are loved!



  1. Lovely post hun..The new musk is good but i think it’s a bit musculine . I’m currently using Victoria’s Secret Juiced Berry frangrance mist .Its lovely and lasts for More than 24hours(no jokes) I’ll love to try the Italiano Donna but you dint include the cost of it though ..

    1. Wow!!! I will really love to try the Juiced Berry Mist soon. New Musk is kind of a strong feminine scent that’s why it may come off as masculine at first. I got the Italiano Donna for 900 Naira,I think you should just budget 1,000 Naira for it in case the prices may have gone up this festive season. Thanks for reading.

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