Hey GW Tribe! I’m sitting here with my laptop thinking about how amazing 2018 has been. The joys,sisterhood,discoveries,growth,love and many more. No doubts! God has been faithful to us all and we need to give Him all the glory.

I achieved most of my 2018 goals,one of which includes my skincare goals for the year. I made a list of skincare products I needed to incorporate in my skincare routine, how much each would cost and how much I will be able to save to buy them all. I don’t have perfect skin but I’m working daily to ensure my skin is in it’s healthiest state.

This post is all about the best 2018 skincare products in Nigeria. My readers are the contributors of this post and I’m really excited to have you read all about the products that got their skin glowing in 2018.

What are the best  Nigerian skincare products of 2018 ?  Find out here:

  1. Chidinma of says the Skin Success Face Toner is the best skincare product she has used in 2018. She uses it daily to give her skin a healthy glow.


2. Boma of swears to Extract papaya lotion and soap.  I haven’t tried this brand out but I’ve read some really amazing reviews about them and I’m sure you’d love it.


3. Adiewere Fidel says “I try as much as possible to maintain my body lotion which is Nivea,Apricot scrub and Black head remover facial mask. Her skin glow is all we need to know about how important a face scrub is .Adiewere Fidel

4. For Lucy of BeautybyLuluTV and Beauty by Lulu Store, her best skincare product for 2018 is the CosRx Oil Free Ultra Moisturizing lotion.  This babe is a skincare therapist extraordinaire and you can be sure to grab helpful tips on how to care for your skin on her page.

5.  Doyin Ajayi says Johnson Baby lotion is the best skincare product she has used in 2018. In her words, “it’s a very nice product that is gentle on my skin.”  Baby lotion have been proven to maintain and deeply moisturize the skin for years. You don’t need to worry about the price because you can get baby lotion for 300 to 500 Naira in Nigeria.


6. Model, Alabota prefers the bestselling Arami Essential Glow oil. It’s her fave product from the minimalist brand that is just perfect for her sensitive skin. I’ve heard so much about this glow oil and I can’t wait to add it to my 2019 skincare routine.

7. Annabel of is a DIY queen. She told me of her “Nzu” clay  mask recipe that has been extremely beneficial to her skin. Subscribe to her blog to be the first to know about this recipe.

8. For Julz the poet,she loves JRA Body Cream and her Carotone Lotion mixed with Neutrogena Oil . Her skin is really glowing and popping right now compared to when we first met in 2014. I can’t over emphasize how important it is to have a hydrating oil this harmattan season and you can use it directly to your skin or pour it into your body lotion or cream to keep your skin moisturized,healthy and glowing.


I hope you’ve learnt a thing or two from some of the best skincare products in 2018? Let me know which one has worked for you and the one you would really love to add to your routine.

I’m seriously in love with Vitamin C Serums. My You Skin Vitamin C serum is finished and I’m trying out a new one. I’m trying hard not to scream out loud about how amazing it is but I’ve got to tell you cause you all need to glow with me in 2019!!

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You are Loved!

What your best skincare product of 2018?

Please drop your answers so other ladies can learn from you. Thank you

See you tomorrow,I mean next year lol!


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