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Happy new year #GWTribe! It seems just like yesterday when we said happy new year with new year and 2019 hashtags. The new year comes with a lot excitement and fear as well as new year resolutions and goals. As a result, we let the fear of not doing better than last year overwhelm us. We begin to doubt ourselves and put ourselves in a box. It also happens to me but one thing that helps me get through it is looking back at last year’s achievements and encouraging myself with them.

For instance goal setting,new year resolutions and vision board responsibilities are perks of the new year. It’s a tradition that works for some and doesn’t work for others. If you are a lover of new year goals,I have put together a list of how you can slay your goals in 2019.

To Slay Your 2019 Goals,You need to:

1. EVALUATE – To set goals for 2019,you need to sit down and think about your 2018. This involves doing a mental assessment of what worked for you and what didn’t. In particular, you also need to evaluate your goal setting patterns and see if they were effective or not. Self evaluation quotesTake a good look at the strategies you adopted and how far you were able to go.

Few days to the beginning of a new year,I like to take out time to think through how the year has been. This helps me see how I can improve and what new strategies I can adopt to win in the new year.


2.ENVISION- Now that you have evaluated your 2018,you need to think about 2019. How do you want to end the year 2019? What do you really want to achieve in 2019? What kind of man/woman do you want to be by December 2019?

This is so important because it would help you decide what kind of goals to set and what steps you can take to achieve them.

Before I decide what goals I want to achieve in the new year,I sit down quietly and imagine how I want to look,feel and be at the end of the year. With this clear picture of what I want,I begin to pen down my goals in my notepad.

3.GET A THEME OF THE YEAR – A theme of the year is a word or phrase that propels you to stay focused on your goals.  It contains words that remind you of what you intend to achieve or do in the new year. Last year,some of my themes were growth,commitment and consistency. These words helped me slay my goals in 2018.

4.WRITE YOUR GOALS AND SPLIT THEM INTO CATEGORIES – The next step to slaying your 2019 goals is to write them down in your notepad and split them into categories. This step involves dividing your goals into sections according to the areas you want to make improvements in the new year.

How to slay goals in 2019
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You could list them out in categories like self-development goals,hair goals,skin care goals,spiritual goals,financial goals etc. I believe this helps us measure our goals effectively at a glance.

5.BREAK THEM INTO BITS OF ACTIONABLE PLANS – After writing and splitting your goals into categories, you can further break them into plans & daily to-do lists. You can have quarterly,monthly,weekly and daily plans to help you achieve one big goal per time.

For instance,I want to be good at product photography by the end of 2019. After writing this down under the skills/self development category,I need to break it down into little steps and plans. This could be in form of daily to-do lists that include watching tutorials on YouTube to help me understand how to use a camera.

6.BE ACCOUNTABLE TO SOMEONE- Sometimes slaying our goals gets boring and tiring and we feel like giving up. One way we can stay on track with slaying our goals in 2019 is by getting an accountability partner. This could be your friend,sibling or colleague. It is the responsibility of this person to ensure you don’t slouch on your goals.

Your accountability partner needs to check up on you to see how much of your goals you have achieved. You can meet this person monthly or quarterly to discuss your goals.

7. GET A COACH – Why do you need a coach to slay your goals in 2019? You need a coach because some of the goals you want to achieve need the knowledge and skills of experienced men and women. These people possess the keys you need to open doors to your desired destination in 2019.

However,while some offer free knowledge, you may need to pay others to guide you through but by all means make sure you have a  coach you are learning from. They make the journey to your destinations faster.

8. DO IT AFRAID – You may feel intimidated by your goals at first. In spite of the feelings of doubt and uncertainty may arise but never bow down to them. Go ahead and do it afraid because some of the things we fear are not real but roadblocks created by our own imaginations.

Goal setting checklist

These are some of the ways you can achieve your goals in 2019. I’m sure there are other ways you can slay your goals that are not on this list. Please comment below so we can learn from you too.

Thank you for reading. You are loved! ❤


6 thoughts on “HOW YOU CAN SLAY YOUR GOALS IN 2019

  1. Wow! Who’d have thought of a theme for the year. While I don’t use a theme, I have an ultimate drive. And I also evaluate the status quo every time. Wobilo, this is great. Well done.

    1. Hello Emmanuel! Thanks for stopping by the blog! Great to know you are rising above the status quo,it is one of the greatest themes anyone can run with year in,year out! Thanks for reading.

  2. I actually enjoyed reading this and learned a lot from it especially the last point. Fear is a very horrible limiting factor but if you have the do it afraid mentality, you’ll go all out and do what you want no matter how you feel

    1. Hey Firi! I’m so excited you stopped by my blog! Fear is a stumbling block and it’s mostly created by negative thought patterns. Doing it afraid is one of the best things anyone can try and most times after the first try,fear dies almost instantly. Thanks for reading!

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