5 habits that will work for you in 2020

Hello #GWTribe! It’s that time of the year again where we feel “new-new” & super excited about the new year. It’s also one of those times where we are super hyped & energized to achieve our new year goals & resolutions.

Personally,the days 28th to 31st December are times I often set aside to assess myself. What I did well,what I didn’t do well,the mumu(mumu means foolish/stupid in Nigerian Pidgin English 😄)steps I took,what I spent my money on etc. It’s an emotional time for me cause I sometimes cry about the goals I didn’t achieve & I also celebrate myself for my wins.

This blog post is simply to share with you 5 habits that worked for me & helped me stay my best this year.

5 Habits That Worked For Me This Year Are:


Spontaneity means to be spontaneous,to do things out of impulse without planning or premeditation.

Before this year,I was the kind of girl who would fill up a notebook with ideas & plans,without ticking any goal/plan off my list at the end of the year. I used to make plans & wait for the ‘best/perfect’ time to execute those goals. The result of this waiting  is procrastination

Alanis morissette quotes spontaneity quotes

Waiting for the perfect time to achieve your goals or ideas causes you to procrastinate and cripples your ability to achieve them. I didn’t wait for the perfect time to do any of the things I wanted to do this year & I’m really happy at how far it got me.


A to-do list is a guide that prevents wasted days. It is a breakdown of everything you hope to achieve per day,week,month etc. I got a small notepad where I always write down the things I intend to do everyday.

I discovered that writing a to-do list saves me from spending my whole day doing nothing or on another person’s agenda.


5 habits that worked for me in 2019 Looking good

I turned up the volume on the baby girl lifestyle this year! I mean,why dress shabby??

I paid attention to how I look which was something I didn’t do before this year. Joined a mix & match online class,tried different hair colours,fixed my nails,tried new outfits etc. Let’s just say,I put a lot of effort into looking my best this year.

Why is looking good important & what are the benefits?

  • It improves your self esteem
  • Sometimes, it’s  the only chance you have to leave a good impression on the mind of people.
  • It’s a conversation starter: I’ve made new friends by simply looking good. From “I love your pink bag or hair or how you styled your outfit to business, friendship or love…who knows? 


I overdid this one sha,lol! I took too many social media breaks this year.

However,those breaks helped me recharge & strategize. Whenever I get overwhelmed by the social media world,find myself comparing my journey to others or need some alone time – I simply turn off my celluar data and take a break.

There’s life outside those social media apps! There are real people outside those apps waiting to connect with you.

5 habits that worked for me in 2019 mental health day 2020

Social media breaks aren’t just necessary to strategize but they are necessary for mental health.

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I invested a lot of time & energy into my health this year. I cut off too much  sugary foods, created a balanced diet meal plan, stopped worrying & staying up till late at night, cut off unhealthy relationships etc.

Vegetables and lots of water were added to my diet and the results were wonderful! Healthy lifestyle is a habit I highly recommend not just for this year alone, but for life.

5 habits that worked for me in 2019

Tap here to watch my IGTV vlog of the vegetable that has been doing wonders to my skin and here to read a detailed blogpost on the same topic.

If you’ve been struggling with facial acne, it may be time to put the spotlight on your lifestyle. A few changes here and there may be what your health & skin really needs.

There we have it,my last blog post for the year 2019! Thanks for sticking with me throughout this wonderful year! You are loved! ❤️

Let’s have a conversation. What are the habits you inculcated in your life this year? What are the habits you dropped? 



  1. Creating A to-do List makes me feel fulfilled. Social Media Breaks feels like heaven but coming back is kind of funny because you’ll be stock with lots of notifications and messages. Looking good is what I like doing always. Spontaneity, take a bold step. Healthy Lifestyle, thanks for that. Thanks Miss Sophie! You are Amazing!

    1. Ahhh,coming back after social media breaks is really scary! I had over 2,000 messages on WhatsApp when I took a break one time 😄

      Looking good is good business,although it takes a long of time,money and strength to look good.

      Thanks for reading. ❤️

  2. To-do list doesn’t work for me😁 don’t know why.
    After writing list of what I want to day for a particular day,I end up not doing 70% of them🙈

    I inculcated the habit of patronizing my friends’ businesses no matter how little. Even though I don’t need the stuffs, I buy them and give them out.

    Cut off some friends that do not add value to my life

    1. Waow! You are the first person I’ve heard from this but you know what they say: Do what works for you.

      Supporting your friends is like planting seeds ,you may not get the harvest from the exact people you supported but be rest assured it comes back to you when you really need it. Thanks for reading babe❤️

  3. I find that whenever I write a to-do list, I’m super productive that day. I have to create a meal plan for myself, I noticed I’ve been spending money on a lot of junks. And for the new year, I’ll spend a lot of time “baby girling” lol I gave to enjoy this life. One habit I picked up this year was spontaneity just like you. I stopped waiting for the perfect time to do anything, I just did it! And I’m really glad I chose that path.

    1. I can’t go a day without to-do lists,except it’s a “lazy day” for me. Junk food haven’t done any good to anybody,it’s just temporary satisfaction with little or no nutrients for the body. I’m grateful you caught the spontaneous bug too! Enough of playing small & waiting for the perfect time ! In 2020,we soar! ✈️✈️

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