After spending more than 2 weeks indoors & thinking about effects of the pandemic,I decided to write a post. This is to help me think beyond what’s happening, to give me hope about my loved ones in the frontlines & provide pictures to dream with about things I would do after the pandemic.

By the way, how are you? I trust you are staying safe & protecting your sanity in these times? We would beat this 🤗

Here is a list of things I can’t wait to do after the lockdown: 

1. Visit new places: I have a list of places I would like to visit after this lock down and I can’t wait to dress up & go there! These pictures would explain better!

Interior fitting of Tea room Lagos
Tea room Lagos
Flower backdrop in tea room Lagos
Tea room Lagos

2. Have my wedding: I spent the whole of the first quarter planning my wedding and when the pandemic got serious, we had to pause the wedding till further notice because #Safetyfirst #StaySafe.

Let’s just console ourselves with these pre-wedding photos. 😢😍

Growingwomanblog is getting married

Growing woman blog is getting married


3. Learn how to swim: I still don’t know how to swim, partly because I’m scared of cold water & partly because I’m scared I‘ll swallow too much water while swimming(swimmers,how true is this? Lol!).

This is one of the things I’d like to learn not just for fun but because it’s a life skill.

Things I can’t wait to do after Covid19 swimming
Photo source: Pinterest

4. Make Fulani braids: I’ve had my hair in cornrows & wigs ever since the pandemic began & I seriously can’t wait to braid my hair. I’ve been seriously thinking of pure gold or brown braids this time around & I can’t wait to have the braiders work magic on my hair.

Ronke Raji in Fulani braids
Photo source: Pinterest
A lady with knotless goddess braids hairstyle
My next hair


5. Hold live events: I outlined a lot of goals & plans for the year 2020,some of which require going out of my comfort zone to get them done. The first event was the Vision Board Hang-out which was a massive success. By God’s grace,I intend to do more & act on my ideas not just writing them down in my notepad or my notes app.

Learn how to host your own vision board hang out here 

6. Visit my new village: I’m in love with the peace & serenity of that place & I can’t wait to go back!! I have an unfinished photo shoot with that place!! It’s so beautiful!! 😍😍

7. Restock new products for my business: I have an online store on Facebook & Instagram(Definition Tees on both platforms) where I sell perfumes,skincare & pre-loved clothes. I can’t restock because the markets in Port Harcourt are closed due to the pandemic. Once things are back to normal, business will continue in full swing.

Lovali designer inspired perfumes
Lovali designer inspired perfumes


Sheet face masks in Nigeria
Face masks

8. Eat Bole & document Port Harcourt Life on LifeofPhcity: I run this page with my friend & I haven’t stopped imagining all we can & will do after the pandemic. Our vision is showing life as it is in Port Harcourt city.

Life of PH city
Life of PH city

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Bole festival 2020
Bole festival

Thanks for reading through to the end of this post! You are amazing! 🤗

What are some things you can’t wait to do after the lockdown? Please share them with me in the comment section below.👇🏾

You are loved! ❤️


  1. Thank you so much Glory! 🤗

    Regarding doing something for young girls please let me know if you need help with anything & if you’d like to collaborate.

    I’m finally getting braids done very soon because I realize that the lockdown has been relaxed in some parts of Port Harcourt.

    I will look out for that pool,but until I learn I’ll just sit by the pool side and watch people swim.

  2. Congratulations!
    I’m not even sure what I’d want to do after Corona. I do know I’m definitely visiting Lagos this year, picking up photography again, finally learn how to make cornrows as well and then do something for young girls which is something I’ve always wanted to do.
    There’s a good pool around Amadi btw. That’s where I was learning how to swim before Corona. If you’re shy you might want to go on a week day and before noon too.

  3. Awwww….. Congratulations sweetie… Can’t wait for ur big day💃
    After d lockdown… I will rush to resolve some banking issues, that stopped me from receiving cash this period…

    Am going to school to complete my clearance…. I want to join the next batch of corper’s…. I will love to serve in Ogun state 🤷🏿 is close to Lagos😉

    PS: I hate swimming..

    1. Thanks dear! 😍🤗

      So sorry about the bank issues but depending on the bank,some issues can be resolved via mail.

      Waow!! 👏🏾👏🏾 Congratulations in advance as you officially become a graduate 🎓

      I made a post about things camp taught me,I’m sure you’d find it helpful.

      You are loved! ❤️

  4. I’m not really good at swimming too babe , I really don’t have places to visit because I love staying indoors which I’m trying to work on if it’s a bad thing 😂 but I love this read. I can’t wait for your wedding that’s the first thing I’m doing.

    1. What? I thought you know how to swim?
      We need a swimming coach 😄

      I’m an homebody too but at times,the body needs to #explore .

      I’ve been practicing my dance styles 😄

  5. I can’t wait to start cooking for events.💃🏻💃🏻

    I also want to visit The Tea Room, Omu Resort and Lekki Conservative Centre😁😁

    By the way, I can teach you how to swim🤣🤣🤣

    1. I really want to visit that Lagos! It’s top on my list!! They have so many fun places & fun things to do.

      Are you sure I won’t drink excess water while learning?? 😄😄

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