2 YEARS AFTER: Natural Hair Products I Recommend

Natural hair products I recommend for Nigerian hair Happy new month fam! We made it to the 5th month of the year 2020!

My natural hair recently turned 2 years after doing the big chop in 2018. From April/2018 till date, it’s been a roller coaster ride filled with product piling & product trials. 


I’ve bought & dumped so many products before settling for these ones I have written about in this post. 

My hair is 4c,black,low porosity,Nigerian hair & these are the products I’ve used & highly recommend. 

N.B : I’m not a natural hair expert, I’m just sharing products that have worked for me.


1. Dudu osun black soap: This product is popularly used as a bathing soap in Nigeria. Very few know it can be used as a shampoo for natural hair.

Dudu osun soap for natural hair
Dudu osun black soap

I dilute it with warm water,honey and vit E capsules & store it in a container. It lathers really well and can last as long as 4-6 months depending on how you use it. 

2. Damatol hair cream: 🥺😢Please, don’t judge me! While looking for a dandruff cure,I tried everything I could lay my hands on. Some worked for a while, others made the condition worse.

Damatol hair cream can be used for natural hair
Damatol hair cream

You won’t believe how shocked I was when I discovered that the product I’ve overlooked for years is the cure to the dandruff problem I’ve struggled with. 

P.S : This product contains petroleum jelly & sulfates. Products containing these ingredients  are discouraged in the natural hair community. However, this product took away dandruff,itching & flakiness from my hair. I highly recommend it for anyone struggling with dandruff & itchy scalp.

3. Rose water: Asides from being a face toner, rose water can be used on the hair. It moisturizes the hair & deals with the smell that comes as a result of underlying hair issues like dandruff.

Rose water for natural hair
A bottle of rose water

I use this alone or mix it with water in my spray bottle & spray it on my hair while doing the LOC method. It leaves my hair moisturized & gives it a sweet scent.

4. Cantu leave-in-conditioner: This product is pivotal to my hair length. It’s soft, creamy & smells absolutely sweet.

Cantu leave in conditioner benefits
Cantu leave-in-conditioner

I owe the longevity of my natural hair journey to this product lol. It leaves my hair soft, manageable and my hairstylist is able to plait my hair without ouches & complains from my end. 

5. Chebe hair butter: You must have heard of this product, let this post be the affirmation you need about Chebe hair butter!

Chebe hair butter for natural hair 2020
Chebe hair butter

This is one of the impulse purchases I don’t regret till date.
As long as you keep it away from your scalp, this product will increase hair length & reduce breakage. The curry smell it has can be handled by using a sweet smelling leave-in-conditioning cream afterwards.

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Is your hair natural? How is old is it & what products do you use on it?

Let’s have a conversation in the comments below!

You are loved! ❤️

13 thoughts on “2 YEARS AFTER: Natural Hair Products I Recommend

  1. When you say your hair is 2 years I just recalled that my hair is now 4years this April. I will try all this products babe. I mostly use water , olive oil and hair cream for my hair which is the LOC (liquid, oil and cream.

    1. Waow!! Congratulations babe!! 👏🏾🎉

      Olive oil/coconut oil aren’t so good on my hair. Almond oil works best for me because it’s light weight.

      I’m already imagining what my hair would look like when it’s 4 years old.

      Cheers to growing fros & glowing skins🥂

  2. Well my hair is not natural😥 and it can’t cut it😂 but I have plenty dandruff…. i have use of this product and it didn’t stop d dandruff…. I might consider Dudu-Osun( first hear in it can also be use for hair)

    1. Ouch, are you serious? I was surprised it worked for me. Dandruff was the main reason I did the big chop.

      Let me know how things go with the soap

  3. Thanks for sharing…
    Had my own big chop two months ago.
    I’ve seen hair products to use.
    Thank you

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