best skincare products in nigeria 2020

Hello fam! The last edition of Readers Pick: best skincare products in Nigeria is one of the most read blog posts on my blog till date! I get views from it almost every single day.

I decided to do another edition to update Nigerian skincare lovers on some of the best products out there & help them make firm decisions about purchasing skincare products.

7 awesome blog readers helped me curate this post & collated below are the skincare products they currently use & recommend in 2020.

What are the best skincare products in Nigeria 2020?  Find out here:

1. Linda, skincare enthusiast & beauty shopper says Oriflame Optimal Hydra Matte set is the best skincare product she has used in 2020. The set includes a cleanser,toner,eye cream,day cream,night cream and face mask.

Skin type: Oily sensitive

See her amazing before and after transformation after using the hydra matte set.

Best skincare products in Nigeria 2020

Subsequently, she quit touching her face,washing her face with soaps, popping her acne and stayed consistent with her skincare routine.

2. Adanna,the convener of The Wailing Women Prayer Network uses Nature Secrets body lotion(with Argan oil) & face cream. She also uses K.B soap as a mask & to clear her black spots.

The facial cream really helped to clear my black spots,” she says.

Best skincare products in Nigeria 2020

Skin type: Dry skin.

3. Worship leader, relationship therapist & founder of , Luke Goshen says Nivea natural fairness is her body lotion & skineal is her day & night face cream.

Nivea natural fairness review 2020
Luke Goshen

The skineal tube is a popular skin treatment great for clearing out acne,pimples,eczema & other common skin conditions.

Skin type: Oily, sensitive.

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4. Model, Dah-rah Isaac says cocoa butter is her skincare secret. She washes her face often & sometimes makes use of face wipes.

Coco butter reviews 2020

Skin type: Dry skin

5. Khije Osawere, mining engineering student & entrepreneur, is hooked on Dudu osun black soap & raw Shea butter.


Best skincare products in Nigeria 2020

The raw, unprocessed shea butter she uses is from a reliable source she trusts.

Skin type: Combination skin type(oily & dry at the same time)

6. After buying an ineffective face scrub,student entrepreneur,Sonia was introduced to organic skincare by a friend. She uses sugar face scrub, black soap and rose toner from Maryjane Natural skincare.

Best skincare products in Nigeria 2020

She also started practicing new habits like using a separate towel for her face,changing her beddings often,resting & eating healthy.

Skin type: Normal

7. Podcaster & routine coach,Gloria James uses Skin success cleanser, toner, perfect glow serum, Nivea natural fairness (clarifant) & Alata garden natural soap.

Best skincare products in Nigeria 2020

On the weekends,she exfoliates with honey & sugar.

Skin type: Combination skin

I believe skincare can & should be affordable. This is why I’ve compiled contributions from these young women who are making their skins glow with products they can find around them. Kindly go through this post & pick the product that suits your needs.
P.S: Don’t forget to check out the skin types too.

Thanks for reading! 💖

What’s your favorite skincare product of 2020? Please share in the comments below👇🏾

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  1. I think Shea butter is doing the magic, although my skin hardly select cream… Thank for this😍
    You are loved💝

  2. Seriously, this so helping. Thank you for compiling this Sophie. I think I might want to try Oriflame products sometime in the future.

    1. After seeing Linda’s amazing transformation right??

      I’m really tempted to try out Oriflame products too!😄

      Thank you so much for sending your contributions 🤗❤️

  3. Thank you so much for the opportunity. I really admire you and your effort. May God bless you and continue to fill you with ideas to push your work.
    Luke Goshen

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