Why growingwomanblog you may ask? Come along these lines for a trip to discover the purpose of this blog.

I relocated to Port Harcourt in 2013 with my family having lived in Lagos for about 17 years. The environment was unfamiliar and I had to learn everything all over again. In December 2017,the idea came to document my experiences and  findings to help and inspire young women like me hence the creation of this blog.

Just like every growing woman I’ve been through a lot: made mistakes,felt inferior, felt inadequate, felt ugly,lost friends,been alone,been broke,confused,loved and even felt like becoming a super star overnight!

I want growing women to live their best and enjoy their youth. I want them to have a place where they can find affordable & modest fashion,inspiration,lifestyle and reviews of places and products I’ve tried out.

In my blog you’d find Experiences, Lifestyle,Reviews,Relationships, Style and Growing women. I hope you enjoy my posts!